Oscar Knows What Time It Is..

It’s officially “hot dog” season in DC. Last Friday we took Oscar to Concerts in the Park and he was sure eyeing my ice cold beer.



A Hot Dog for a Hot Dog

The Nationals recently hosted “Pups in the Park.” This is one of the best days of the year, not because I like baseball or sports, but because you can bring your dog and everything is better when you can bring your dog.

The Nationals played the Minnesota Twins, which is where we’re from, so we put Oscar in his Twins jersey. After all, you can take the dog out of Minnesota, but you can’t take the Minnesota out of the dog!

Here’s some pictures from our big day out, including a couple of Oscar trying to get at the hot dogs!





Oscar’s first baseball game

Last week was “Pups in the Park” night at the National’s Baseball Stadium. We were able to buy Oscar a ticket and he got to come with us to the game. All dogs and their people sat within three sections and I bought Oscar a Nats jersey to wear to the big night.

Maybe it was all the excitement and commotion in the air, but I really think Oscar knew it was a special occasion. He even appears to be smiling in some of the photos!





It’s Hot Dog Season!

1909575_33429202476_4033_n (1)

No, not this kind of hot dog. The kind of hot dog that comes with summers in Washington DC.

I took little Oscar on a walk the other day. It was hot so we took a break in some shade. Oscar will tell me when he’s getting too hot and walk to the shade and just stay there. That’s my cue that we’ve gone too far and need a little break. I sat down in the shade next to him and scratched him. He rolled over and had me scratch his little tummy. Then he got up and gave me some kisses. We just stayed there sitting next to each other and people watched, he would nudge my hand when he wanted more scratches and then give me a few kisses when I was done, as if to say thank you. It was honestly one of the simplest, yet quality filled moments of my life and I hope that I 1.) never forget it, and 2.) get many more moments like this.

What is it about the Smithsonian Castle?

On our many, many walks together on the National Mall, Oscar is particularly enchanted with the Smithsonian Castle. He will lead me to cross the street so we are walking close to it and he will stop and go up the front stairs to the door as if he is waiting to go inside. A couple of times it was hard to convince him we had to move on as he blocked the door for tourist trying to enter.


Oscar waiting for someone to let him inside the Smithsonian Castle. Why is he so drawn to this place in particular?

Why? What is it about the Smithsonian Castle that he is so drawn too? Does it remind him of something? Is there such a thing as past lives and he used to work or do something here? Does he sense he is needed there… or wants to learn more?

Man, how I wish I knew what was going through his head sometimes.