New Years Over the Years

I shared our 2018 New Years card in my last post. This inspired me to go back and try to find all of our New Years card where Oscar had a staring role:

OscarOscarStacey copy

This is one of my favorites. Oscar in Ellen Degeneres’ famous Oscar selfie

Scan 4 copy

Oscar is a sombrero. Our tag line that year was Feliz Navidog.

Scan 5 copy 2

2006: The year of the dog. This was the first New Year’s card featuring Oscar. He was 1.5 years old.


Oscar ringing in the New Year’s with a bottle of champagne.


This was in January of 2016. We thought it was funny at the time. We also thought it would never happen.


2017. Wishing you a royally awesome new year.

holiday card



I think this was 2012. Oscar with the hat from the royal wedding. I probably said, “Wishing you a royally awesome New Year” again.


I think this was 2014. “Happy New Years, Fool!”

22757_230221472476_3364821_nLife imitating art. I think the tag line was something about breaking all the rules…