Oscar Se Fui

Oscar had a great vet when we lived in Bogota. She would come to our apartment to pick him up, and even though she had a truck with kennels in the back for the dogs, she let Oscar ride in the front with her. We boarded Oscar with her when we were traveling and, although I never asked, I’m pretty sure they took him home with them every night instead of leaving him in the kennel with the other dogs.

I recommended her to a friend who was also living in Bogota at the time and she began to board her dog there too. My friend moved back to the States, then we moved back to the States, then my friend moved back to Bogota. When she returned to the vet with her dog, our vet told her, “Oscar se fui.” Oscar left.


I was so touched she remembered Oscar and that Oscar left an impression on her, as I believe, he does with everyone he meets.

Always making a good first impression…

On the second day that Oscar became my dog, I brought him to see my dear friends, Lauren and Cathy. I had been babysitting Lauren since she was nine months old. She was 9 years old when she wrote this entry in her diary, commentating the first time she met Oscar. It’s clear he made a strong first impression.


Her mom recently found this diary entry when cleaning. Lauren is now 22 years old.

Living Out of and in a Suitcase

I try not to complain about how much I travel for work because 1.) the ability to travel freely is a privilege denied to many and 2.) less than three years ago I was jobless, burning through my savings and living in a roach infested apartment to save money while we got our feet back under us.

During this time, Oscar was a constant. A constant source of happiness, love, support, stability and non-judgement.

Going back to trying not to complain about work travel… I missed my connection tonight – the last one out – due to the airline’s mechanical error with check-ins and am spending the night at a Detroit airport hotel. One more night away from home and my Big Guy and my Little Guy.

Robinson and I leave for vacation tomorrow. We’ll be gone five days and this was going to my one night to snuggle Oscar before leaving again. I’m sitting in my hotel room feeling lonely, sad and guilty. Somehow, Oscar is able to feel this too. Robinson sent me this picture just minutes ago of Oscar. He climbed into our partially packed suitcase to snuggle. I feel you, Little Buddy. See you in the morning.



Welcome home!

I want to believe that in Oscar’s alternative world this means “I love you, I missed you, I’m so glad you’re home, you’re my best friend ever!!!”

Somehow, though, I don’t think that’s what he’s meaning to tell me. Look at him looking at it, as if to say, “Take that, jack*ss. Just wait ’till next time.”


My Dog’s Purpose

I started reading the book, “A Dog’s Purpose”. I haven’t read a dog novel for a long time. I always end up in tears and Robinson tells me I shouldn’t read them anymore. I likely won’t read a dog book again for a really long time.

As much as I hate how the book makes me sad, I am happy that it is making me reflect. Oscar’s 12 years with us has had many purposes. Here are ten:

1.) He brings me balance.

2.) He makes me happy.

3.) He brings me home, which – for a seeker like me – is essential.

4.) He helped Robinson and me define what a family could look like for us.

5.) He’s makes me less afraid.

6.) He makes me stop and smell the roses.

7.) He makes me stop and talk to strangers

8.) He makes me more curious.

9.) He helps me make excuses and say no to obligations I don’t want to take on, as in, “Gee, I would love to, but I have to go home and let Oscar out.”

10.) He makes me feel like the most important person in the entire world. And I know I am, to him.