He Made His Name Known in South America, Too!

Last month I wrote about Oscar’s fame in Minneapolis, Pulling up and re-reading that old news article about Oscar and our pending move to Bogota brought back some really great memories. The article ended saying, “But what is to become of Oscar who has a very limited Spanish vocabulary? In the heart of South America, Oscar may not find a predatory glove to attack, but he’s certain to obtain and international reputation and leave a lasting impression.” That made me think of a couple stories from our time in Bogota:

  • Oscar the Glove Snatcher became Oscar the Hacky-Sack Snatcher. Oscar and I stumbled across some teenagers playing hacky-sack in a park in Bogota one afternoon. I saw him looking at them out of the corner of his eye and sure enough, one of them kicked their hacky-sack a little too far and Oscar bolted, snatching their hacky-sack in his mouth.
  • Oscar continued to grow his fame. A hotel/restaurant/bar by our apartment – in an attempt to attract a gringo clientele – asked Oscar and I to “star” in this advertisement for their dog friendly patio. Photos below… Oscar and I are in the bottom right.

Happy New Year

Every year my friend Cathy helps me photoshop Oscar’s picture to a current event from the last year to use as our New Years card to family and friends. I have to admit, this past year was a hard one because the world felt pretty dark. We ended up photoshopping a pink pussy hat on Oscar.


We #resist you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Where the Wild Things Are, aka Oscar the Glove Snatcher

Back when I was running Hungry Dog Designs, a friend of mine from yoga wrote this very endearing news article about Oscar. It’s my favorite piece of press Oscar has earned.

lyndale neighborhood news _Jan 2011

“This is Oscar, aka Hungry Dog.

Oscar is 110% comfortable and confident with who he is, won’t back down to anything (even maybe when he should), loves an adventure, and will do anything for a treat.

This is me.

I have a tendency to worry too much about coloring within the lines and have a constant ‘to do’ list running through my mind. I thought I could learn a thing or two from Oscar.

The above is the bio/mission statement for Hungry Dog Designs, an innovative, fabulously quirky greeting card business run by local entrepreneur Paula Fynboh. Her leap of creative faith came with the help of inspiration from Oscar, her Boston Terrier (sometimes referred to as her Boston Terrorist for his random devious nature). Maybe not everything she know she learned from her do but he has led her down a path to try something new and not worry about where the road takes her – as long as there are treats along the way.

Indeed, treats mean the world to Oscar. He is one of those “food, there’s food, where’s the food?” type of dogs. “He would re-shingle the roof if there was food involved.”

Not necessarily a proud dog when it comes to fulfilling his gourmand lifestyle, he will do the following for treats of any kind: sit, lay down, play dead, dance like a ballerina, wave, give kisses and dress up like a hot dog for Halloween. He even plays hid and seek but hasn’t quite figured out the hiding part. Unfortunately, with his voracious appetite comes an unpleasant, odiferous situation that Boston Terriers are notorious for. At a mere 15-pounds he’s been known to clear a room or two.

Oscar himself has some notoriety in the area. A couple of months ago on a walk around the Lakes he ran up to a couple of women sitting on a park bench. They oohed and awhed over him, petted him and made him the center of attention (which he loves). After finding out his name was Oscar they exclaimed, “this isn’t Oscar the Glove Snatcher from Lake Harriet, is it?” Turns out, last winter an elderly gentleman was sitting on a park bench at Lake Harriet and went to pet Oscar. Oscar grabbed the glove off his hand and shook it as if it was a predator of some sort.

South Minneapolis will have to say good bye to Oscar as he will soon be off on an adventure of intrigue and discovery. Paula and husband will be taking him to Bogota, Colombia where they will embrace a lifelong dream of living abroad. With the age of Internet everything, Paula will still be running her card business. But what is to become of Oscar who has a very limited Spanish vocabulary? In the heart of South America, Oscar may not find a predatory glove to attack, but he’s certain to obtain and international reputation and leave a lasting impression.

I’m Coming With…

Oscar gets to go to a lot of places over the summer, including – but not limited to – Movies in the Park on Thursday nights, Concerts in the Park on Friday nights, random beer gardens and sidewalk patios on Saturdays, numerous walks, and ice cream runs on Sundays. He loves it.

Somehow, he instinctively knows when we’re going somewhere and gets super excited – jumping up and down, running in circles, he’s ready to party.

The other night Robinson and I were getting ready to leave. We were going to meet friends and Oscar wasn’t invited. Oscar, on the other hand, picked up on the cues and knew we were getting ready to go somewhere. He was so determined to come with us that when I opened the door, he ran out into the hallway and stood there, unmoving. He stayed in the hallway for a good ten minutes, coaxed back only through multiple treats.

With his ego battered and bruised, he showed his feelings for not being invited by peeing on our bedpost.


Oscar will not be left behind. Here he is standing in protest in our hallway.