Oh man. The memories.

I don’t know if you can see it in this photo, but right about where the sign is on the left of the photo is a small landing in the steps. So what, right?



Right, in some ways, but that’s the magic of photos. We never really know the depth behind them.

That small landing in the steps in this photo is magical to me. This is a walk I used to take almost daily with Oscar. We’d walk through the streets in our Chapinero Alto neighborhood until we hit the park with the little stream, walk up the Andes following the stream, stop and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Andes looking over the city of Bogota, continue to another park… and another park, and then continue on our way home.


I was able to walk this walk today, almost two years since we left Bogota and all these memories came flooding back to me. They are my most powerful memories of Bogota and whenever I’m able to revisit this city, I will do this walk. It’s a time I experienced immense peace within a period of personal doubt and uncertainty and it’s a moment I experienced with my little buddy.

That little landing in the stairs is where Oscar, walking without a leash, would stop and wait for me. It’s where I’d put his leash back on and we’d continue on our journey, navigating Bogota traffic and my personal demons until we found our way back home.

Almost two years later, I’m still finding my way, but with more peace and perspective and with my two loves by my side – my Big Guy and my Little Guy.




A Hot Dog for a Hot Dog

The Nationals recently hosted “Pups in the Park.” This is one of the best days of the year, not because I like baseball or sports, but because you can bring your dog and everything is better when you can bring your dog.

The Nationals played the Minnesota Twins, which is where we’re from, so we put Oscar in his Twins jersey. After all, you can take the dog out of Minnesota, but you can’t take the Minnesota out of the dog!

Here’s some pictures from our big day out, including a couple of Oscar trying to get at the hot dogs!





Forever Ruined

Last week I took Oscar out over lunch time and happened by the food truck DC Slices, one of my favorites. I bought myself a slice of pizza for lunch and the guy working was super nice and gave Oscar a piece of pepperoni. He loved it! However, now he is forever ruined. Since the pepperoni incident, Oscar goes up to every food truck he sees looking for food.


And He Is 12

How did this happen? My little dog is 12 years old. I can remember the very first day I got him. He was 9.5 weeks old and resembled a little piglet more than a dog. It goes by way to fast, and for that reason, I am all the more determined to make the most of every day with this little guy.

Happy 12th Birthday, Oscarito!


Oscar not so patiently waiting for his birthday cupcakes to come out of the oven.


And here they are… Oscar’s birthday cupcakes!