Oscar’s Burning Questions

If Oscar could talk, the burning questions I think he would ask me are:

1.) Why do you do that to the bed everyday?

2.) What is that little square you carry around and look at all the time? And why do you sometimes point it at me?

Poor Oscar. Every morning he’s nested into our bedding and every morning I pull the bedding from under him and make the bed, only to have him un-make it and build another next for himself. He must wonder why I make the bed and probably sees absolutely no point to that ritual.

I also think he wonders about my iPhone. It’s almost always with me. I look at it, touch it, talk into it, and when I want to take a picture or video of him, I point it at him, say his name and try to get his attention (like I did to get the photo below of him last night). Then I look at the phone, smile and make comments about the picture I took in a baby voice. I think he wonders why.


I was trying to get Oscar’s attention. The Big Guy looks absolutely thrilled. 




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