Pet of the Month

Our little Oscar was named “Pet of the Month” in our apartment complex this month. I shared this on Facebook yesterday:

“Big day for us here in D.C. Our little Oscar was named “Pet of the Month” in our apartment complex. Sadly, Pet of the Month is not structured the way Miss Universe is, so Oscar won’t be going on to compete in the Pet of the World pageant… yet.”

I had to laugh as one of my friends commented, “Aw, you would’ve been a great pageant mom.” While she might have been being clever, it is probably pretty true. Last night I was in the elevator where they display the Pet of the Month notice. I was in there without Oscar, but I had to point out to the 3 strangers in the elevator with me that Oscar was indeed *my* dog.


In case you’re wondering what the text says, I’ll tell you…

Oscar’s Bio
Hello. My name is Oscar. I’m technically “old” now at 11 years old, but I still act like I’m three. There are some things I will never learn, including not eating food off the sidewalk. I make that mistake every time and my human parents recently had a veterinarian bill to prove it.
I once served as a muse for a line of greeting cards and was also in the news in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Bogota, Colombia where I used to live. People know me by “Oscar”, “Tiny Friend”, “Señor Stinky Butt”, “Hungry Dog”, and “Oscar the Glove Snatcher” (there’s a story behind that one!).
I love playing fetch, snuggling, eating and going for walks… especially to Yards Park and the National Mall. Thank you for welcoming me and my family to Washington DC!

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