A Rose By Any Other Name…

Last week two wonderful friends and people had a little baby boy and they named him Oscar.

I received this very lovely email the day after he was born, “I recognize we copied your wonderful name Oscar, and hope you see it as admiration of your good taste. We had a short list we shared with Jonas and from the first time he heard it is the only name he has been using for his brother the past few months. Please know we honor the original Oscar and hope ours can live up to the path of cool he has paved.”

This made my day. I found it incredibly sweet that they would even think of having an after thought about it. However, when I retell the story, I’m going to pretend the name decision happened this way:

C: “We need to start talking about names for the baby.”

M: “We need to name him after Oscar the Boston Terrier Dog. What a fitting tribute for our son to be named after the best dog in the world.”

C: “You are right! What other name could he have?”

Little human baby Oscar. I have no doubt you will live up to the cool of Oscar the Boston Terrier. Here’s wishing you a wonderful life.

Oscar’s mom even commented that his ears are a little pointy, just like Oscar the Boston Terrier’s šŸ™‚



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