My Hungry Dog Muse

Years ago I was in a bit of a rut and struggling to find myself and my creativity. The things that normally interested me stopped being interesting and I was generally uninspired with myself and with life. While I don’t think I would’ve put it in these terms at the time, distance has given me perspective and I think it was a time when I was trying to live according to a pre-determined check list and follow a set of rules for living life that weren’t mine and didn’t make my heart sing.

Robinson was in Kenya for three weeks and I took a weekend to lock myself in – I didn’t go anywhere or talk to anyone (expect Oscar) for a full two days, just me and my thoughts that I’d write in a journal. A big take-away from that weekend was the discovery I needed to find my creativity again. I started making greeting cards for fun. The cards took off and I started a side-business that year, Hungry Dog Designs. The line featured Oscar, aka Hungry Dog in the main role.


Hungry Dog Designs is no longer in business. I closed it officially last year so I could pursue some other creative outlets, but I will always be thankful for Hungry Dog Designs and Oscar’s inspiration as it’s muse. More than greeting cards, the work helped me find my creativity and self expression again. It taught me that other avenues are available to me to create a life and gave me courage to try and fail. Since Hungry Dog Designs, I take more risks. I take more pictures and find things that inspire me. I think it’s a big reason I was able to move abroad, learn another language, and have a different view of the world and my place in it now than I did before I started Hungry Dog Designs.


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