What is it about the Smithsonian Castle?

On our many, many walks together on the National Mall, Oscar is particularly enchanted with the Smithsonian Castle. He will lead me to cross the street so we are walking close to it and he will stop and go up the front stairs to the door as if he is waiting to go inside. A couple of times it was hard to convince him we had to move on as he blocked the door for tourist trying to enter.


Oscar waiting for someone to let him inside the Smithsonian Castle. Why is he so drawn to this place in particular?

Why? What is it about the Smithsonian Castle that he is so drawn too? Does it remind him of something? Is there such a thing as past lives and he used to work or do something here? Does he sense he is needed there… or wants to learn more?

Man, how I wish I knew what was going through his head sometimes.



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