A Hungry Dog

This past Sunday we were all nursing a hangover. Ours was from the copious amount of craft beer and a 3:00 a.m. bedtime that accompanied our “Build Your Own Taco Bar” party for a good friend who was in town… Oscar’s was from the table scraps that accompanied the taco bar.

Oscar was in heaven. He charmed table scraps from 14 of our closest friends, so much so that he didn’t eat until 11:00 p.m. the next day and wandered around the house with his eyes half opened. That dog would eat himself to death if he had a chance and that is what earned him his nickname, “Hungry Dog”, which inspired a line of handmade greeting cards once upon a time.

One of my favorite memories of Oscar and food is his infamous KFC experience.

Oscar begging for table scraps.

Oscar begging for table scraps.

Robinson had just gotten home with a box of KFC. He left it on the kitchen counter while he showered. After his shower he asked me if I had eaten some of his chicken. I said, “No… why?” He replied, “The box is open.” We both looked at each other and instantly knew… Oscar!

Oscar had managed to jump up onto the kitchen chair, then the kitchen table, then the counter, squish his flat little Boston Terrier nose into the KFC box just enough to open it and pull out a piece of fried chicken. We found him hiding under a blanket on the couch eating away. Our sneaky little hungry dog.


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