One of My Favorite Images

This is one of my favorite images. It’s one that always makes my day because it means I get in a walk with my little buddy. A walk with Oscar is like pushing the reset button on a bad day and makes time stop as I soak up more of a good day.

Oscar likes to walk in front of me and lead the way. When people pass us, Oscar speeds up. He doesn’t like to be passed.

Sometimes we’ll come to a fork in the road and he’ll stop and look back at me. I’ll say, “you choose,” and he will go right or left to his choosing and keep leading the way. Every once in a while when I say, “you choose,” he won’t know which way he wants to go and makes a little grunt sound, as if he’s frustrated or saying, “I don’t know!” Then I’ll point in one direction and off he goes again, leading the way.



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