Uniquely Boston, Uniquely Oscar

Since getting Oscar, I’ve learned that all Bostons have their own unique look to them. Some are big, some are small. Some have short noses, others have a little longer snouts. Some have more white, others less white, and the white patterns itself differently. I once went to a Boston meet up and there were 14 of these little buggers running around a room. Yet, you can always pick yours out of the group!

Here are three of Oscar’s markings that make him uniquely Oscar.

002 (4)

Oscar has these three little white spots on the back of his head. All in all, he doesn’t have a lot of white markings, but these little spots have always reminded me of dripped paint.

003 (4)

This is Oscar’s front right paw. His back paws have just the slightest white marking on the tips and his left front leg is almost completely white.

004 (3)

Oscar has these little butt circles. His fur forms these two little swirls on his butt. In my first blog post, I wrote about the little bald spot that is now forming on Oscar’s tail. This picture was taken almost four years ago before that bald spot started setting in.


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