Facebook Friday: Part Three

My Facebook post about Oscar dated December 4, 2013, when we were still living in Bogota:

December 4, 2013 · Bogotá, Colombia ·Most days I walk Oscar to two parks that are about 1.5 blocks apart. Some days I let Oscar stay off-leash, as it is a sleepy neighborhood in the mountains with little traffic. Today, while walking Oscar off-leash within this 1.5 block distance, a motorcade of three black SUV’s with full security detail pulled up, picking up who I can only assume is a politician or other VIP.

One of the SUV’s opens the door and Oscar, who loves going for rides, got excited, ran, and jumped into the SUV thinking the car was for him. I panicked, only to be met with roars of laughter from the security detail who found it funny and then all wanted to play with Oscar.

Ten minutes later, the motorcade passed us again on the way to their next destination, but not without rolling down the windows, waving, and honking at us.

Oscar the Hungry Dog. Forever knocking down barriers and making people smile. I love my little dog.

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