Oscar Meyer Boston Terrier Dog

Oscar got his name became I was in love with those little miniature wiener dogs. That’s the dog I thought I wanted, but when I began researching breeds of dogs, I landed on the Boston Terrier. He felt like a better match for us.

So, instead of having an Oscar Meyer Wiener dog, I have an Oscar Meyer Boston Terrier dog.


Oscar Meyer the Boston Terrier, in his halloween costume.

You will notice that “Meyer” is spelled wrong (when referring to the hotdog, it’s Oscar Mayer). The reason being is because his original American Kennel Association (AKA) application was denied. I got a letter back stating there were too many Boston Terriers named Oscar. I wasn’t about to change his name for the AKA. After all, I grew up with mixed breed dogs and the only reason we got a pure bread was because of Robinson’s allergies. I purposely spelled “Meyer” wrong when I re-submitted the papers so we could get in.


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