Oscar is My Design Muse

We just moved into a new apartment. The move was significant because I spent eight of the last twelve months living out of suitcases, between India, Colombia, and a couple random apartments in Washington DC.

We sold all of our furniture and moved with only our clothing and a couple boxes filled with art and memories we’ve accumulated from our travels over the past 10+ years. It’s both good and bad. It’s hard on my ego to get rid of stuff I like and shrink my life down to three suitcases and two boxes. Every time I’ve done this, I’m reminded that all of the comfort I find in owning and amassing things doesn’t matter and it can disappear quickly. This leaves me feeling incredibly vulnerable and incredibly free at the same time.

One of the good parts, beyond being reminded of what is really important in life, is that every move to a new country lets us start fresh. It lets us be open to a new chapter while still holding on to a mix of the favorite things that we’ve hung on to along the way, all of which have their own story. Here are a couple:

IMG_5948Three years ago, when Oscar was eight, I took him to get to get professional pet photos. Here they are on the left of the above picture. I love them. The woman who did them specializes in “Joy Sessions” or professional photo sessions with a pet that is dying. I wanted my photos to be of Oscar is his prime. For more information about the Joy Sessions and Sarah Beth Photography, please visit: http://sarahbethphotography.com/.  The Joy Sessions page always leaves me in tears.

On a happier note, the large capybara street art canvas in the photo was done by Crisp, a street artist in Bogota. I loved the street art in Bogota and now have a piece of the Bogota streets with me. When we unwrapped the canvas for the first time, Oscar started omitting a low growl and the fur on his back stood up. I think he thought it was a real animal for a minute!


The above picture shows our Mexican Otomi bedspread we bought at a market in Mexico City, one of our favorite cities in the world. Mexico City was where we were visiting when we first made the commitment to live abroad. It’s accented by this Eero puppy sculpture. We’ve moved with this puppy sculpture at least five times now. Oscar inspires me to have dog related designs.


And finally, here is Oscar in his new surroundings.


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