Facebook Friday

There were two reasons I wanted to start this blog about Oscar:

1.) I wanted to have a place to write all of my favorite stories about Oscar in one place while I still have him in my life. Too many dog memoirs are written after we no longer have that special four-legged in our lives. After my mom lost her favorite dog of 13 years, she bought a journal to write down the stories and memories of what made Boo so special. Unfortunately, like so many of our collective intentions, that journal is still empty. It’s so hard to know where to start at times that many of us just don’t.

2.) I regularly write little posts about Oscar and share pictures of him on social media. Through these posts, many of my friends have encouraged me to start a blog.

These two reasons, combined with probably a year of procrastination (if not more), led me to start ‘My Dog Can’t Type.’

To honor those Facebook and Instagram posts about Oscar that inspired my friends to encourage me, I want to dedicate Fridays to those old posts. I’ll try to blog old Facebook posts about Oscar, in no particular order, every Friday.

Facebook Post from December 20, 2014: This is in my carry on. — at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.


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