Cold is Cold

It’s cold today. Well, relatively cold. It’s 28 degrees fahrenheit in Washington DC where Oscar lives now. It’s 5 in Minneapolis, MN where Oscar lived the first 7 years of his life and it’s 68 in Bogota, Colombia where he has lived the past three years.

I could tell him it could be worse, but I don’t think he’s having it. Cold is cold.

The first few days that it got cold in DC, Oscar refused to go on walks. He would just stop on the sidewalk and look back towards our apartment. I asked Robinson if I could go buy him a doggie coat. Truth be told, I would have bought him one anyway but I like to have Robinson’s buy in. Instead of a coat, I bought him the warmest sweater I could find at the pet store. It just happens to have a hood with bunny ears and a white tail attached to it. Poor Oscar.


Oscar in his new bunny sweater.

With the cold, people are bundled up, walking stiffly and quickly with their shoulders clenched to their ears and their eyes on the ground. Winter forces people to put up physical boundaries around themselves that I think also psychologically makes us less open as well. But here is one of the many things I like having about a dog, he makes people smile. We walked by a woman on the street today. She stopped and smiled and laughed a little when she saw Oscar walking down the sidewalk in his bunny sweater. She smiled at me as well and said, “cute.”  In the dead of winter, when people don’t look up and walk as quickly as they can to get out of the cold, Oscar has the magic to make people stop and smile.


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