He Just Knows…

I’m not going to get into details, but work and life – which sometimes meshes and becomes one of the same – has been intense and emotional over the last several weeks. I’ve spent most of the last few weeks on an airplane or in a hotel, but when I’ve been home, my little guy is there. He doesn’t ask for much, aside from treats and my lap. He gives his love unapologetically and without condition. He finds my lap, snuggles close and gives me his love. He seems to just know that this is what I need.

Here are some of the images I’ve captured. Just looking at them makes me feel Oscar’s love and acceptance.


Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

My good friend Lien and her husband promised their two sons a beagle puppy. Their youngest son was determined to name the puppy Oscar.

Lien texted me and said they tried to suggest other names, including Smiley Faced Spider, an insect her kids are obsessed with, but her son was insistent the name would be Oscar.

I was quite honored. So was my Oscar. Now we friends with a dog and friends with a son named after my legendary Boston Terrier. After all, don’t they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery?


Oscar the Beagle.



He Made His Name Known in South America, Too!

Last month I wrote about Oscar’s fame in Minneapolis, Pulling up and re-reading that old news article about Oscar and our pending move to Bogota brought back some really great memories. The article ended saying, “But what is to become of Oscar who has a very limited Spanish vocabulary? In the heart of South America, Oscar may not find a predatory glove to attack, but he’s certain to obtain and international reputation and leave a lasting impression.” That made me think of a couple stories from our time in Bogota:

  • Oscar the Glove Snatcher became Oscar the Hacky-Sack Snatcher. Oscar and I stumbled across some teenagers playing hacky-sack in a park in Bogota one afternoon. I saw him looking at them out of the corner of his eye and sure enough, one of them kicked their hacky-sack a little too far and Oscar bolted, snatching their hacky-sack in his mouth.
  • Oscar continued to grow his fame. A hotel/restaurant/bar by our apartment – in an attempt to attract a gringo clientele – asked Oscar and I to “star” in this advertisement for their dog friendly patio. Photos below… Oscar and I are in the bottom right.

New Years Over the Years

I shared our 2018 New Years card in my last post. This inspired me to go back and try to find all of our New Years card where Oscar had a staring role:

OscarOscarStacey copy

This is one of my favorites. Oscar in Ellen Degeneres’ famous Oscar selfie

Scan 4 copy

Oscar is a sombrero. Our tag line that year was Feliz Navidog.

Scan 5 copy 2

2006: The year of the dog. This was the first New Year’s card featuring Oscar. He was 1.5 years old.


Oscar ringing in the New Year’s with a bottle of champagne.


This was in January of 2016. We thought it was funny at the time. We also thought it would never happen.


2017. Wishing you a royally awesome new year.

holiday card



I think this was 2012. Oscar with the hat from the royal wedding. I probably said, “Wishing you a royally awesome New Year” again.


I think this was 2014. “Happy New Years, Fool!”

22757_230221472476_3364821_nLife imitating art. I think the tag line was something about breaking all the rules…


Happy New Year

Every year my friend Cathy helps me photoshop Oscar’s picture to a current event from the last year to use as our New Years card to family and friends. I have to admit, this past year was a hard one because the world felt pretty dark. We ended up photoshopping a pink pussy hat on Oscar.


We #resist you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Oscar had a pet sitter for four days while we were away for Christmas. Before we left, I counted the handfuls of his food, measuring enough for the time we’d be gone, plus a few more days to be safe. We came home last night to a completely empty bag of dog food and a fat little dog.

Oscar got what he wanted for Christmas, that’s for sure.

May you and yours experience the same abundance.