Oscar & The Big Guy

I took the first picture of Oscar and Robinson when Oscar was a little puppy, around 10 weeks old. The second picture is of Oscar and Robinson ten years later, on Oscar’s 10th birthday. 1979268_10152024954142477_3140938700440772785_o



A Giant Dog Bed?

One of my favorite stories about Oscar as a puppy is when we got our new bed. Oscar must’ve been around 1 years old, maybe younger. Robinson and I were recently married and we purchased a new king-size, platform bed that sat low to the ground. At this point in time, Oscar was still not allowed (by Robinson) to sleep with us at night and was relegated to our downstairs (we closed the door that separated the upstairs from the downstairs).

Our mattress arrived before the bed frame did and we disassembled our queen bed with the box spring. Even though Oscar wasn’t allowed to sleep with us in that bed, I think the sheer height of the bed also felt like an obstacle to him.

With the queen size bed gone and the new king size mattress on the floor (easily accessible to a small little Boston Terrier), Oscar got it into his head that our new mattress was for him. To him, this big mattress on the floor must’ve looked like a giant dog bed.

He was so excited. He brought his chew toy upstairs and laid on the mattress and chewed on it. With each new piece of bedding (fitted sheet, sheet, bed spread) that I put on the bed, he’d get off the bed patiently and then get back on it with his chew toy.

That night when we were going to bed, Robinson closed the door separating the upstairs from the downstairs. Oscar cried. He cried and cried. The very next morning, Robinson opened the door and Oscar ran upstairs directly for our new mattress, lifted his leg and peed on it. He was determined that mattress would be his one way or the other.

I’m Coming With…

Oscar gets to go to a lot of places over the summer, including – but not limited to – Movies in the Park on Thursday nights, Concerts in the Park on Friday nights, random beer gardens and sidewalk patios on Saturdays, numerous walks, and ice cream runs on Sundays. He loves it.

Somehow, he instinctively knows when we’re going somewhere and gets super excited – jumping up and down, running in circles, he’s ready to party.

The other night Robinson and I were getting ready to leave. We were going to meet friends and Oscar wasn’t invited. Oscar, on the other hand, picked up on the cues and knew we were getting ready to go somewhere. He was so determined to come with us that when I opened the door, he ran out into the hallway and stood there, unmoving. He stayed in the hallway for a good ten minutes, coaxed back only through multiple treats.

With his ego battered and bruised, he showed his feelings for not being invited by peeing on our bedpost.


Oscar will not be left behind. Here he is standing in protest in our hallway.


This little painting has been with me for about 10 years. It followed me from place to place and has always been visible in my home. It’s a couple of Boston Terriers eating chicken and was a gift from my friend Pam.


Here’s the back story….

Robinson brought home some KFC one evening after work. He set the KFC box on the kitchen counter before he jumped in the shower. Post shower, he returns to the kitchen and asks me, “Did you have a piece of my KFC?”

I say no. Then we look at each other and knew. Oscar!!!

IMG_0317.JPGThe counter was too high for little Oscar to reach. We think he must’ve hopped up onto a kitchen chair, then onto the kitchen table and from there jumped onto the kitchen counter. He was somehow able to get his little flat face into the KFC box and took a piece of chicken. He also must’ve knew it was wrong, because when we found him, he was hiding under a blanket on the couch eating the piece of KFC.